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Wise LLC technology originated from DVL Express, a trucking delivery company with 350+ vehicles.
In 2017 the company hit a wall with its inventory, and went in search of an enterprise solution only to discover that there wasn't one which existed for a reasonable cost.

Our vision is to provide affordable & scalable solutions

Our company needed to find a simple solution to manage a complex industry so we built one that works. A single platform that provides an integrated set of solutions to meet all the needs of a logistics shipping company.

Our mission is to build advanced all-in-one logistics eco-system

Trucking logistics is complex enough without having to worry about clustering different software solutions. That's why we built Wise Logistics.

Alex Dovgal

Vera Phipps


Chad LeVrow

VP of Business Development

Illia Pashkov


Elliot Malcolm

Product Owner

James Melton

Jason Tarsney


Roman Tykhovsky

Core team


Ready for an enterprise solution at a reasonable price?

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